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Please note memberships are now dealt with by Committee Member, Graham Sacker. For details see below.

While most members are descendents of MGC men, more and more are simply interested in the Corps and WWI in general.  You do not need to be at all knowledgeable to join the OCA but those who are invariably try to help those who are not!  There is great  'cross pollination' in particular with the Western Front Association.

It is important to note that the MGC/OCA receives no grants from any source.  Many people mistakenly believe that all regimental associations receive funding from the Army or government.  This is not so.
It is polite to always include a stamped addressed envelope when contacting any organisation to ask them for information or advice.

The MGC/OCA is financed totally by the generosity of members.  Membership subscriptions cover little more than the cost of production and postage of
"Emma Gee."  We hold various services of Remembrance, lay wreaths, remember Veterans birthdays and so on, all of which cost money.

When you are making out your cheque for membership, please do add a contribution towards the cost of these very important items.  1 or 100, every one counts and every one is welcome.

If you would be interested in sponsoring an act of Remembrance (for example the Annual Observance costs over 800) in part or whole, the Honorary Secretary would be very pleased to hear from you.

Currently we are trying to compile copies of all the editions of
"Emma Gee"  and collect any item of MGC-related memorabilia which is donated.  Sadly, there is no archive and it is our intention to try to correct this situation.

The OCA has purchased a copy of Soldiers Died in the Great War on CD-ROM.  Members have the opportunity of requesting information regarding their relative free of charge from this source.

A large project is under way to photograph all MGC graves and names on memorials.  In this way each and every soldier who gave his life is remembered.  Members going overseas can obtain a list of graves and memorials we need photographed.

Many members contribute generously financially and in every possible way to the Old Comrades' Association to ensure that it is vibrant, friendly and informative.

Considering the fact that the Machine Gun Corps has existed for only eight  years, it is nothing short of miraculous that this Old Comrades' Association not only still exists, but thrives 90+ years on.

We have set up a 'Junior Gees' section, both in the membership and in our magazine,
"Emma Gee."   We hope that by encouraging under 18s to join, they will become more interested in the history of the Corps and the First World War in general and provide a link to the future of the Association.

Members may purchase:  MGC tie, silver MGC badge/pin (can be worn as a tie pin, lapel badge or 'brooch'), blazer badge, enamel cufflinks, tie bar or sweetheart brooch and MGC/OCA polo shirt.

Membership runs from January to December, if you join later in the year, you receive all information and issues of 'Emma Gee' already sent out.

PLEASE NOTE :  Membership subscriptions do not include research, though we try to give advice (see also research section).

To apply for membership, please send an A4 size stamped, self addressed envelope along with the following membership fees (cheques made out to MGC/OCA):
At least:

  • UK members 12.00

    Overseas members

  • 13 EU 17 International
  • 3.00 for Junior Gees Members
  • 5 Overseas Junior Gees Members

We welcome additional donations.

Send fees and donations to:

Graham Sacker, MGC/OCA
The Beeches,
Sandy Lane Road, Cheltenham, GL53 9DB

Please be sure to include the following details:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Full Address
  • Postcode
  • Country
  • Telephone (Work and Home if relevant)
  • Fax
  • Email address

On receipt of your cheque and SAE, you will be sent information about the OCA, your membership card and a membership form to complete and return at your leisure.  To save on time and postage, membership forms are not sent out unless a request is accompanied by a SAE.

We are always interested to hear if you own any documents relating to the MGC.  Official documents, personal letters to and from the soldier during the war, diaries, photographs and so on.

Photocopies of such items would be gratefully accepted as well as originals.  Interesting extracts from diaries or articles written by you are also very welcome for inclusion in our magazine, "Emma Gee."


Judith Lappin, Honorary Secretary, Penfro, 111 Main Street, Pembroke, SA71 4DB.
Please include a SAE with all correspondence requiring a response.
It may take several weeks to receive a response via the post.
Emails are generally answered quickly, but to help us, please do not write letters asking questions or checking progress.
Writing unnecessary letters just adds to the burden of work and creates further delays.
Rather, telephone so your question can generally be asked and answered in moments.
0646 682753
Not before 11 am please nor after 9.30pm.

If it is not convenient for me to talk, I will suggest an alternative time, please don't be offended if I have to hurry you!

Click here to a download membership form

Send email enquiries regarding the magazine Emma Gee and events, (but no files of more than 1M without permission please) "Emma Gee," and general administration to: Mrs Judith Lappin, Honorary Secretary :

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Articles written by Judith Lappin and Keith Stephenson